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Toll Road Logo
Updated Logo 2022
Tollroad Brewing Original Logo
Original Logo 2018-2022

Our love and passion for making great tasting beer started in 2004 as a hobby making beer in a garage.  We networked with others, expanded our knowledge, and honed our craft by attending home brew club meetings.  In 2015, two of us visited many breweries while traveling out of state. It was on this trip the thought first entered our mind that we should open a brewery in Ocoee, FL. 

We brainstormed to find a name that was original and meaningful for the area. While searching for the perfect name, some out of state friends came for a visit. In a unrelated conversation, the visiting friends mentioned, "you can't get anywhere around central Florida without going on a toll road." 

The name had been found. Now it was onto deciding on the logo. It was determined that the most common symbol representing a toll road is a toll booth. We brainstormed on classic looking, older style toll booths of yesterday. 

The silly random toll booth, in the middle of nowhere, in the Mel Brooks comedy movie 'Blazing Saddles' became the inspiration for the logo.

We always wanted to open our brewery in Ocoee and began the search for a location. In 2017 property at 101 W. Mckey Street was secured. Over the next year and a half friends and family helped us with demolition and the build out.

Toll Road Brewing Company opened on June 28, 2018. 

Our Brewery
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